men in New Zealand die from heart disease every day
Heart disease kills more than 3,700 men in New Zealand each year
No. 1
Heart disease is the single biggest cause of death for Māori men
Every month 13 Pacific men in New Zealand die from heart disease

Source: Mortality 2017 Data Tables (Provisional) (Ministry of Health, 2019)



“If in doubt, check it out”

Nothing about Phil’s symptoms were what he expected when he had a heart attack. Now he’s encouraging others to take notice of any unfamiliar symptoms and ‘If in doubt, check it out’. 

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Encouraging others to look after their heart health

After suffering a heart attack at the age of just 39, Soane’s now encouraging others to make healthier lifestyle choices and get a heart health check early. 

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A second chance at life

When Sunny landed his dream job, he had no idea how stressful it would become. Following a heart attack, bypass surgery and panic attacks, he’s now taken control of his life and his mental health.

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Sweet tooth and male ego hinder heart health

Cran never dreamed he could be a candidate for heart disease at 47, being physically active and healthy. But little did he know his diet was playing havoc with his cholesterol levels and his self-confessed male ego was stopping him from seeking help.

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