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Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

Phil was born with a congenital heart condition, which has required a number of heart surgeries over...

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Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

Shannon’s congenital heart condition has meant numerous operations, however, a positive outlook ...

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Angina, Cardiac arrest, Heart failure, High blood pressure

“Try and surround yourself with people who will give you positive motivation,” says Arthur – a...

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Aortic aneurysm, Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

The need for heart surgery came as no surprise to Hamish, he’d been living with a heart condition ...

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Arrhythmia, Heart attack

Even though Trevor had successfully managed a heart rhythm problem for years, his heart attack still...

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Aortic aneurysm, High blood pressure, Rheumatic fever and heart disease

Shortly before Christmas 2020, Mereana found out she had rheumatic heart disease and needed surgery....

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Cardiac arrest, Heart attack

Gary’s world came crashing down when he had a heart attack and four cardiac arrests. After getting...

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Heart valve problems

John thought his mild breathlessness was due to age. But a check-up following a bout of pneumonia ...

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Heart attack

Life-long athlete Michael has completed Coast-to-Coasts and marathons, and always placed a high ...

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Heart attack, Heart failure

As someone who was always fit and healthy, Maggie initially felt shocked and then angry she’d had ...

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Arrhythmia, Heart failure

For years Eilidh's breathlessness and chest pain was attributed to asthma, stress and anxiety. When ...

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Congenital heart disease

Peneueta was in his early 30s when he was shocked to discover he needed open heart surgery. He ...

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